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Kennels at Winterpock is a modern, purpose-built facility for dogs, owned and operated by the Kirwan family. The kennel is located at 14601 Beach Road, near the intersection of Winterpock and Beach Roads. Our homes and the kennel are located ¼ mile off Beach Road, in the middle of 94 acres of old hardwood forest, where the air is fresh and the walking trails are beautiful!

  • Completed June, 2010

  • Over 2,800 square feet

  • Heated & air conditioned

  • 20 dog runs

  • Each run features its own private bedroom (5’ x 5’), a raised orthopedic bed, and an outdoor covered patio (5’ x 11’) where dogs can stretch their legs when they like or when nature calls.

  • All runs have access to our doggie play area/exercise yard.

  • Relaxing music is provided for your animal’s listening pleasure.

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