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Required Vaccinations at the Kennel

Kennels at Winterpock is happy to be your dog’s home away from home!  We feel responsible to do all we can to protect your pet, as well as our other guests, against any infectious and parasitic diseases. The best way for us to protect all of our guests is to be certain that proper vaccinations have been completed and are up to date. Our requirements include:

  • Bordetalla or Kennel Cough, annually

  • Distemper/Parvo, every three years (after initial series and one year booster)

  • Rabies, every three years (after initial one year booster)

Paperwork is required at the time of check in and NO exceptions will be made.

What to bring to the Kennel

  • Proof of vaccinations

  • Blankets, food, treats, toys

  • We will provide premium dog food, however, we recommend your pet stay on their current food to avoid intestinal distress.

  • Medication, if needed.

Click here to download and complete the required paperwork prior to your pet’s stay:

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